Tourist plan to enjoy Japan! For foreign travelers! 【Kinugawa Onsen & Nikko】

Hello, do you like Japan?

Me, I love Japan.

I want many foreign travelers to know the goodness of Japan!

Fully enjoy Japan! So I’m listing this tourist plan of 2 days 3 nights visiting many sightseeing places. The area is 【Kinugawa Onsen & Nikko】.


I love Onsen. Please see the following for 【Hida Takyama Onsen & Shirakawago】

* It’s not me who made this plan. I asked my Japanese friend who is familiar with Japanese travel to make it (no one asked me ….. I don’t know for whom am I doing this…).

I asked “please make a Japanese tourist plan for foreign traveler”. If you want to know how this person is keen to Japanese travel, please read the following article. (it’s a Japanese website)

※Though I try to be as precise as possible, in order not to waste your travel in case there is mistake/change, please be sure to verify the dates of event and the time schedule of transportation on official website and time tables.


【Overview】For foreign travelers traveling Japan! Kinugawa Onsen & Nikko tourist plan

First of all, here are the overview of this Japanese tourist plan. I’ll explain the details later.

【Overview】For foreign travelers traveling Japan! Kinugawa Onsen & Nikko tourist plan【the 1st day】

■Leave Oshiage station of Keisei line

◆Go to Tokyo Skytree from Oshiage station

【10:00 ~ 13:00】
Walk around Tokyo Skytree

【13:00 ~ 13:15】
Try rickshaw ride from Skytree⇔Asakusa

【13:15 ~ 16:00】
Walk around Asakusa

■End of the 1st day of Japanese tourist plan

【Overview】For foreign travelers traveling Japan! Kinugawa Onsen & 2nd day】

■Leave the hotel near Asakusa

【9:00 ~ 11:07】
◆Take “Tobu Express Liberty Aidu 11 to Kinugawa Onsen”

【11:07 ~ 11:30】
◆Once you arrive at Kinugawa Onsen, go to Nikko Edomura

【11:30 ~ 16:00】
Walk around Nikko Edomura

【17:08 ~】
Visit SL Taijyu

■Stay at hotel near Kinugawa Onsen

【Overview】For foreign travelers traveling Japan! Kinugawa Onsen & Nikko tourist plan【the 3rd day】

■Leave the hotel near Kinugawa Onsen

【9:15 ~ 16:45】
※Take Nikko scheduled tourist bus

・Futarasan Shrine
・Lunch at Chuzenji Kanaya Hotel
・Kegon Waterfall
・Futarasan Shrine

■Arrive at Tobu Nikko station

◆Leave Tobu Nikko station

Take “Tobu Express Kegon 44 to Asakusa”

■Arrive at Tobu Asaskusa

This is the Japanese tourist plan for 【Kinugawa Onsen & Nikko】. I’m going to explain the details from here.

The Japanese tourist plan for foreigners! Tourist plan of Kinugawa Onsen & Nikko 【The 1st day】

■Leave Keisei Oshiage station

From airport to Oshiage station

Narita airport ←→ Oshiage station 49 min
Haneda airport ←→ Oshiage station 39 min

◆Go to Tokyo Skytree from Oshiage station

【10:00 ~ 13:00】
Walk around Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Skytree Observatory

The highest broadcast tower in Japan looking down on the town of Asakusa! When the sky is clear, you might be able to see Mount Fuji! With date-designated ticket, you can enter without being in the line! The beautiful elevator is also a must-see!

TOKYO SKYTREE(it’s a external English website)


Skytree town Soramachi

Shopping area at the bottom of Skytree! You can enjoy Japanese local food too! Here is the popular ranking! (it’s a external Japanese website)

ソラマチで何食べる?迷ったらコレ!東京ソラマチの人気グルメスポット15選(it’s a external Japanese website)

【13:00 ~ 13:15】
Take rickshaw (Skytree ⇔ Asakusa)

Popular in Asakusa, rickshaw! You can cut the wind in Japanese style from Skytree to Kaminari gate on rickshaw!

Rickshaw(it’s a external website)

ASAKUSA JIDAIYA(it’s a external website)


■/Rickshaw station

Rickshaw is a vehicle used mainly in Meiji to Taisho/early Showa period as a way of transporting people by man power. You must take this in you Japanese travel.

【13:15 ~ 16:00】
Walk around Asakusa

Kaminari gate

Famous Kaminari gate of Asakusa! It’s the crowded center of Asakusa!

Kaminarimon(it’s a external English website)

浅草観音 浅草寺(it’s a external Japanese website)


Kamainari gate is the large gate of Sensoji guarded by Fujin and Raijin. It’s the large red lamp written “Kaminari Gate” and the official name is “Fu-Raijin Gate”.

Nakamise Street

Shopping area from Kaminari gate to Sensoji! It’s fun to take snacks too!

仲見世(it’s a external Japanese website)


“Nakamise” is one of the oldest shopping area in Japan. It should be fun.


Sensoji, the symbol of Asakusa. Large main hall and the five-story tower are impressive!

浅草観音 浅草寺(it’s a external Japanese website)


Sensouji is a Kannon sacred place with history of about 1400 years.

Kappabashi Tool Street

It’s a shopping area popular for foreigners with food sample and cooking utensil.
かっぱ橋道具街(it’s a external website)


“Kappabashi Tool Street” is a shopping area of about 800m between Asakusa and Ueno. It’s origin is said to be that, in early Taisho period, merchants of old tools opened their shops along the river called Shinbori River which was constructed in Edo period.


This is the end of the 1st day of the tourist plan. I recommend you to stay at hotel near Asakusa.

The Japanese tourist plan for foreigners! Tourist plan of Asakusa & Nikko 【The 2nd day】

■Leave the hotel near Asakusa

【9:00 ~ 11:07】
 Tobu Express Liberty Aidu 11 To Kinugawa Onasen

◆ From Tobu Asakusa station to Kinugawa Onsen station
It’s the new express of Tobu Line! Please enjoy the scenery from the large window.

特急リバティについて(it’s a external Japanese website)



There’s free Wi-Fi and outlet for each seat in the train. Though it’s quite rare to find free Wi-Fi in Japan, they do exist!

【11:07 ~ 11:30】
Arrive at Kinugawa Onsen Go to Nikko Edomura, about 20 minutes by bus and 10 minutes by taxi.

【11:30 ~ 16:00】
 Walk around Nikko Edomura

Once you pass through the checking station at the entrance, you are in the city of Edo. There is also Ninja, popular to foreigners! You can change costume of Edo period or visit theater and enjoy the world of Japan in Edo period!

edowonderland(it’s a external English website)

日光江戸村(it’s a external Japanese website)



Nikko Edomura. There still remains the Japan in Edo period. Here, you might encounter a topknot. Do you know, topknot?

Lunch at Nikko Edomura

Japanese Soba or Tempura! You can enjoy Japanese food such as Ramen, popular to foreigners.

日光江戸村のお食事はバラエティに富んだメニュー。テイクアウトも◎(it’s a external Japanese website)


◆ Go back to Kinugawa Onsen station

20 minutes by bus, 10 minutes by taxi

Arrive at Kinugawa Onsen station

Let’s go see a SL.

【17:08 ~】
Watch arrival of SL Daijyu

It’s a bet-the-company SL revival project of Tobu Line! * please verify operation date! (mainly on weekends)

【17:25 ~】
Watch railway turntable of SL Daijyu

At Kinugawa Onsen station, you can watch rare turn of train!

東武鉄道SL復活プロジェクト(it’s a external Japanese website)


■For the 2nd day, I recommend you to stay at a hotel near Kinugawa Onsen. Please enjoy Japanese Onsen.

Kinugawa_Onsen(it’s a external website)

Onsen(it’s a external website)

The Japanese tourist plan for foreigners! Tourist plan of Kinugawa onsはen & Nikko 【The 3rd day】

■Leave the hotel near Kinugawa Onsen

How about using scheduled tourist bus

【9:15 ~ 16:45】
 Nikko scheduled tourist bus

■Leave Kinugawa Onsen station

TOBU BUS(it’s a externalwebsite)


The entrance of Nikko, the sacred land. Once you pass over this bridge, you will be in sacred land. The contract of the stream and the red bridge is beautiful.

SHINKYO(it’s a external website)


Futarasan Shrine

It’s an old shrine near Chuzenji lake. It’s famous as one of the power spots in Nikko area!

日光二荒山神社中宮祠の強力なパワースポットまとめ(it’s a external Japanese website)

Lunch at Chuzenji Kanaya Hotel

It’s authentic hotel near Chuzenji lake. Please enjoy chic atmosphere.

CHUZENJI KANAYA HOTEL(it’s a external website)


Kegon waterfall

One of the three beautiful Japanese waterfalls. The stream falling from Chuzenji lake will grab your eyes.

kagon(it’s a external website)



Large temple situated at the bottom of Nikko mountain. Huge Sanbutsudo is impressive.

輪王寺(it’s a external Japanese website)


Toshogu, the symbol of Nikko. Yomenmon, gathering all the skilled technique and sculpture will take your breath.

東照宮(it’s a external Japanese website)


Futarasan Shrine

The old shrine representing Nikko enshrining Mt. Nantaisan. The genuine guardian of Nikko.

二荒山神社(it’s a external Japanese website)

Arrive at Tobu Nikko station

Leave Tobu Nikko station

Take “Tobu Express Kegon 44 to Asakusa”


Arrive at Tobu Asakusa

It’s the end of this tourist plan enjoying Japan to its depth!



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